London meets the Cotswolds


So let me start by saying this is my first ever blog, so you may have to bear with me. I wanted to start writing this blog as over the Christmas period this year, I will be relocating with my husband to the Cotswolds from London.

Something which I have noticed is that in London, it is common for many people to live in the buzz of the city during the week, but at the weekend retreat to country homes or trips away for some respite. According to an article which was released recently, one of the main motivators for an individual was a work-life balance.  The article went on to say how more people are considering a move out of London to the countryside for a better quality of life, which was also a big motivator for us.

During my move, I will be making the most of my final weeks in London and will be reviewing a couple of favourite areas to explore which I would love to share with you. I will also be sharing my experience of transitioning into a slower pace of life for anyone who is thinking of making a similar move!

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

Rosie x

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