The Londoners Arrive!

We did it!

After a stressful few weeks of liaising with builders, plumbers, electricians and decorators to ensure our Cheltenham house is habitable we have just about made it.

Admittedly, the windows only went in on Tuesday and the water is being switched on later today, but at least we are in! We started this house renovation in April and we were promised it would be ready in August with a view of being able to ease ourselves into the move over the next few months. Typically, things never run to time and multiple things were found to need work along the way. A main drain disaster and bomb shelter discovery later, I walked in today to our new home and new life.

Moving house is one of the most stressful things a person can do, even if you are only moving down the road. I know on top of that, moving to a new part of the country is scary and brings with it a whole new set of worries. Whether that be making new friends, finding new favourite places to eat or worrying ‘what if it doesn’t work out?’. Something which I have come up against is people’s concerns of what if I get bored or run out of things to do and I keep comparing it to London. It will be different, and that brings with it a myriad of benefits and opportunity, and I have realised that it is important to stop trying to compare it with London. My neighbour said a very valid point to me the last time I saw her, and that is that motorways go two ways. It sounds blindingly obvious, but it is important to understand a) because it means that if you really do hate it, then you can always return to London and b) you can still go and visit! When you go back to visit you can stay in those new areas that you never quite got round to exploring properly, or for some familiarity why not stay in the heart of your favourite place?! This way, you can actually have the best of both worlds, the slower and calmer day to day life without the horrific commute standing under somebody’s sweaty armpit, but you can hop on a train for 1.5 hours and be in Paddington ready to go to all your favourite spots.

I really wanted to share that because although it is scary, it is also really exciting and many people I have spoken to would love to have the courage to move more into the sticks, but it is that fear which stops them.

Anyway, we have three days to unpack and get the house/our lives ready for Christmas so I really should actually get on with it – wish me luck!

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