The Dreaded Job Hunt

February – a short month, but also a pretty gloomy one. Wherever you are based in the country, I think the weather is determined to make it seem longer – keeping us cooped up inside sheltering from the elements.

This is forcing me to face reality as I have been starting to go a little stir-crazy at home on my own over the past two days. Why am I stuck at home on my own I hear you ask, isn’t that a little depressing? Yes. Yes it is, and it is entirely my own doing. I have now been in Cheltenham for over a month and my husband started his first day at work yesterday. For the past month we have spent nearly every day together and this moment in time seemed a long way off, and frankly something I didn’t really want to think about.

Picture this: you are moving to a new area, you have quit a job which you loved and you are giving up life in a buzzing city. Naturally, one does not like to be jobless as you need the financial security a job offers along with the opportunity to find your new rhythm and meet new people. Therefore, you secure a new job BEFORE you relocate for an easy transition. This sounds like an excellent plan, however, until now I have been the queen of procrastination and I am only really starting to look seriously for something now.

You wouldn’t think so from my lack of planning, but I am actually a very driven person who really enjoys working and I love the challenge of picking up something new and succeeding. Although this is a big strength, I think it is the reason behind my lack of career at this moment in time. I feel like a new place should mean the opportunity to try something new again. I have had a few meetings covering various industries over the past month to find out more, but nothing has quite seemed right or not possible without doing additional qualifications.

I had a slight break through last week where the person I was meeting described a small department they have which seemed to be the perfect balance between using my background skills but in building up a new area which really interests me. This seemed to be the break I was looking for…HOWEVER, the timing was off as they had just hired someone. What a nightmare!

Have any of you wanted to go into a new career or felt that the one you are currently in is getting tedious and you want to try something new?

Times are changing rapidly since my parents generation where most people would stay in one company for the majority of their working lives. I recently read a statistic in Forbes which suggests that Millennials (born between 1977 and 1997) are likely to have 15-20 jobs over their lifetime! That does seem like a lot, but realistically people tend to move jobs every 2-3 years and so this actually looks pretty realistic. Coming from London, I think this is very common amongst my peers, but is it something which has reached the regions yet? The need for new roles are popping up everywhere as people move to adapt to technological and social changes and trend – so where are these new jobs?!

It seems that one answer lies with more and more people seeing the gap in the market and braving it to start up their own business which can then tap into the demand. I have huge respect for people who do this as it takes guts but those who are brave enough are the ones who succeed!  This is still something I am considering, but being self-employed is a tough slog and, although it comes with many benefits such as managing your own workload, it can be lonely at times.

Also, I think recruitment can sometimes be a bit of a box ticking exercise. Isn’t the phrase ‘people buy people’ relevant? I have had so many times where as a result of meeting the person has resulted in a whole new understanding of the person and their abilities. Obviously you can’t meet everyone speculatively, but isn’t this where recruiters should be used and trusted to ask the relevant questions and get to know both client and candidate well in order to match the two?

Sorry for the complete ramble, but it is something which I find really interesting and has opened up lots of questions for me and given me a new bout of energy to pinpoint what I need to be doing – I welcome your ideas!

I am coming from a Londoners perspective, but what is your experience?!

One thought on “The Dreaded Job Hunt

  1. Angela says:

    This is a time of such transition, it’s bound to have a lot of challenges , and also so many opportunities for someone as unlimited, hard working, talented, adaptable and motivated as you. I know you will find a perfect next move and am excited to hear how it all happens!


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