Monday ‘Blues’

When I set up this blog, my intentions were to do posts on what to do, where to go, what to see in both London and the Cotswolds, but I seem to have completely forgotten that along the way and got sidetracked with my own musings. So, I thought it was about time I actually wrote about some of my favourite places.

As you may know, I first came to Cheltenham as a student at the University. The reason I chose that university was not because of it’s ranking on the league table, or the outstanding teaching (although actually it is pretty good!), but because of the town itself. This may not be the most conventional method of selecting the next step of my future, but I am very much a ‘go with the gut feeling’ type of girl. Cheltenham is not a big town, but I was taken in by the buzz of the place despite its size. There are so many great restaurants, cafes and events going on all year that it creates a draw for people.

As a student, it was important to me not to get stuck in a student stereotype, and somewhere I used to go back then for a refresher of the real world and still go to now has to be one of my favourite places in Cheltenham.

Situated in the sophisticated area of the Suffolks, and surrounded by independent jewellers, boutiques and family run shops is a restaurant called The Daffodil. This art-deco style restaurant used to be a cinema and still has the original film reels in the balcony. No matter what the occasion, the Daffodil offers a varied and well-executed menu (including a set menu for you early diners) and their cocktails are honestly some of the best I have come across. They do various events throughout the week and months so it is worth keeping an eye on their website, but every Monday they host a live Jazz evening from 7pm with 2 for 1 martini cocktails from 5pm. I highly recommend the Espresso or French martini! This makes a really nice evening without breaking the bank and it definitely helps get over those Monday blues!

The Daffodil has an air of sophistication without the stuffiness you sometimes find in fine dining restaurants, and the waiting staff are very well equipped to answer any questions around the menu and are highly attentive whilst not interfering with your evening. Whether you are looking for a girly catch up in the bar, a date night or a family dinner, this place has never failed to disappoint.

If any of you have been here before, I hope that you have had the same experiences as I have, and if you have not yet been – I’ll see you there tonight!

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