My Unemployment ‘Revelation’

Today marks the first day of my last week off before starting full-time work again. I have given myself some time off since the move before starting my job hunt, which for an indecisive person with too many conflicting interests has been a challenge! I’ve gone from wanting to be a Financial Advisor, to Interior Designer, to Event Manager, to wanting to start up my own business. In the end I have found something which is totally different and an unknown industry to me, but it gives me the opportunity to use my skills in a new way and also lets me get out and about a fair amount which is something I am very excited about!

I have always been totally envious of people who know exactly what they want to do, I can’t ever imagine having that much clarity about anything! I am very lucky that we were in a position where I could have a couple of months off, which sounds like a dream, and to a certain extent it has been, but actually it has been pretty boring at times. It has forced me to learn to enjoy my own company, and has given me time to re-get to know myself. It is easy to get funnelled down a certain route depending on friends, relationships and jobs, but I have enjoyed taking this time to learn to not feel guilty for doing exactly what I want to my own time schedule, rather than rushing to get 1,000 things done. It sounds silly, but I used to get so annoyed (and still do a bit) with slow walkers as they always got in the way of my ‘clearly more important and busy’ life, but I now have learnt that walking somewhere without purpose or a destination is actually quite liberating. I’ve explored areas I always wanted to and gone into the shops that I always bypassed as I didn’t have time to peruse.

It has been really liberating and made me reassess my priorities and actually oddly grown my self assurance. I know a few people out there who are also between jobs and are struggling with the lack of routine and demoralising trawling through job boards. Of course you will have down days – I used to feel quite rejected thinking that no one wanted me! But, you will get a job soon enough, so make sure that you can look back at this time and see the positives of it as well – it is a rarity to have time off don’t forget!

Who knows how this new job will work out, and some of the contacts I have made since starting my search are still very much in my mind! I am a believer in entering something with an open mind, and so it is only fair to give this 100% – it could be my dream job after all! Good can come out of every situation if you take a step back and look for it, so be encouraged!

There is nothing ground breaking what I am saying, but whether you are between jobs, a full time mum, or actually just a bit stuck in a rut, I urge you to take some time for yourself – guilt free.

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