The Easter Edit

To me, Easter is one of those times of year which I associate with happiness. I am very much a summer person and so it symbolises the hope of sunnier days to come, creating memories with friends and the promise of longer and lighter days. When my grandparents were alive, they would always love this time of year and we would go in search of the newborn lambs skipping around and walk through bluebell woods creating their violet woodland carpet.

Easter means different things to different people, and it may be that for you it is just a lovely long bank holiday! Of course, to many (including myself) it is a time to reflect and remember exactly what Easter symbolises. Although the concept may seem a bit odd that Jesus had to die to wipe our slates clean, the impact of this moment has been celebrated and remembered in this country for over 2000 years.  If something can still have such an impact all these years later, to me that is hard to ignore. It has given us hope of a new life which is reflected in nature everywhere. If you are at all interested in that sort of thing, The Guardian released an article on the evidence of Jesus’ existence – if you fancy a read click here. I know religion is a contentious topic, and I still have a lot of questions, but my faith is an important part of me and if you can’t talk about it over Easter, when can you – right?

The friends I have spoken to, whether religious or not, have all been doing something with family or friends to mark the occasion and spend time together. What ever you are doing over this bank holiday, make it a good one and celebrate! Whether that is with a holiday, a bottle or two of prosecco or squabbling with family over how long to cook the lamb for! Enjoy!

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