Committing to the Capsule

I have always enjoyed a good wardrobe cleanse. Clearing out the piles of clothes which have become a scrumpled mess, revealing a neat and tidy selection for perusal each morning. However, it is never long before the unidentifiable heap returns with a vengeance. Admittedly, this is partly due to rummaging and last minute outfit changes before work or a social event, but largely it is because I am one of those people who seems to just accumulate clothes.

I used to love getting my friends and family’s hand-me downs which appeared in an attractive black bin bag once in a while. I would convince myself that each item of clothing would come in useful or that I would grow into it. Unfortunately, I no longer wish to grow into a larger person, but rather I find myself growing out of clothes rather too quickly. My clothing issue has now done a 180 and I now hold on to clothes in the hope that one day they will fit me again if I just slim down a little!

Some people hang on to their old favourite pair of jeans as motivation to hit the gym and be able to squeeze themselves into the flattering pair once again. I truly admire people who actually do this, because they are noticing a problem and dealing with it! I am hoping (!) I am not alone in having the right intentions, and eating healthily to kick start this process, however, I have not been able to find a form of exercise which is fun and also affordable. I am totally aware this is probably just an excuse, but I really wish I liked running or knew what to do in a gym! I have been going to a personal trainer once a week with my husband (couples who gym together stay together, right?), and we love it, but again it is quite an expense and so not that sustainable. At what point do you just accept the body you have now and try not to let it get you down, or do you just keep plugging away to get slimmer?! Anyway… that was more of an aside, and the search will continue for a fun/cheap form of exercise!

Back on topic, I recently stayed with some friends in London who had moved into our old flat in Clapham, and they had made it look great! They both have a great sense of style and we were discussing how they had cut down on the amount of items they owned and didn’t use. They both have created capsule wardrobes and were saying how refreshing it was. I had not heard of it before, but there was a movement fairly recently called Project 333 which encourages you to pick 33 items including accessories and only wear those things for 3 months (you can read more about it here). The theory behind it is that you can mix and match and no one notices that you re-wear your clothes in different ways. I absolutely love this idea and I do think that as a society we do accumulate too much unnecessary bits and bobs along the way.

So today, I cleared out my wardrobe and sent my first lot of clothes down to the charity shop. I was by no means as ruthless as I would have liked/envisaged, but I am adapting the concept slightly and each month I am going to see what I have not worn and will also be donating those things. Anything that I don’t feel 100% comfortable in I have sent away and anything that I realistically don’t think I will ever wear again (long gone are my size 6 days).

I will let you know it goes, but if you have ever tried anything like this before, then let me know how you have got on!!

Rosie x

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