One step forward, two steps back

If you have been following me on Instagram, you will have seen that this week I did what I never thought I would – I moved back to London!

As I am sat here, in a coffee shop on Battersea Rise, it all feels rather familiar. Familiar because this time last year I was sat in a similar coffee shop about to leave London for a quieter life in the Cotswolds, or familiar because when I made that very move, coffee shops became my best friend as I wrote some of those first posts.

Are we totally nuts moving back to London after ‘breaking free’ from the city life for our escape to the country?! Telling our friends and family our decision to move back to London was greeted by very different reactions. Some of our closest friends were totally supportive, but when telling others we were met with doubting looks and harsh words outlining our idiocy.

Although this hurt at the time, I can understand that Ben (my husband) and I do appear to rush into decisions and seem unappreciative of our situations. However, it is not that at all which has caused this move (again). We have been totally honest with ourselves and although the country life is something we will definitely be returning to, we tried it too early and we are just too young for that right now. Over the past year, we have learnt a lot about ourselves, including how I am actually far more ambitious than I initially liked to think. My life’s ambition used to be becoming the perfect housewife and having an easy life, but I have realised that there is so much I want to do in this life, and to achieve those things means making big decisions to help us get to our end goals. Plus, no one can disagree that London is actually pretty fun!

I am a firm believer in not living in regret, and my worst nightmare would be looking back in 30 years time not having tried to fulfil all that I have dreamed of and settling for a ‘comfortable’ life. Please don’t get me wrong, there is much to be said for a simpler life, but for us that isn’t enough at this stage in our lives. Life is all about choices which will inevitably guide you in a certain direction, but as much as possible, I would like to avoid the ‘what-ifs’ of this world.

So, OK, it may not be very often that people return to large cities once they have had a  taste of country life, and some people may view what we have done as a failing on our part, but I see it as being brave. Agreed, it is certainly not conventional, but who wants a conventional life?!

No time to regret a decision, bite the bullet and enjoy the ride!

Rosie x


One thought on “One step forward, two steps back

  1. Angela says:

    You’ve given this a lot of rational thought and I know it wasn’t a simple decision. You are following your hearts and dreams, and frankly it is not for anyone to judge your choices or decisions. Live, love and enjoy this next chapter! Xx


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