The First Year

So it has been a year since I launched London Meets Cotswolds and wow, it has flown by!

I have learnt so much about the world of blogging, instagram and about myself. When I first started I had no idea what I wanted to write about, but just had the urge to do something to celebrate the two contrasting favourites of mine – London and the Cotswolds. It is no secret that many Londoners venture to the Cotswolds for weekends and instagrammable retreats, but being able to merge the two lifestyles can be a challenge. There are some vastly different aspects splitting the two; the mindset, pace of life and general interests and hobbies. These may seem poles apart when thinking of the typical London and Cotswoldian person, however, they are not as different as you may think and actually can compliment each other very well.

In both locations, there is the desire for boutique and independent shops, excellent restaurants and of course the need to be surrounded by the friends which have become your surrogate family. The pace of life at the weekends is also not as far apart as you might think – brunching is a nationwide pastime and is just as integral in the Cotswolds as it is London. Anyway, hopefully if you are following my instagram then you will have seen that despite my relocation, the themes behind my photos are actually pretty much identical.

I am definitely a visual person and instagram has captured my imagination and this next year it is something which I would like to understand better. I am a total novice, but over the next year I want to learn to edit photos, take better photos, and understand all the tools which can be used to schedule posts and show analytics etc. I want to keep doing this because I enjoy capturing things that make me smile and sharing that joy with anyone who is interested, and I love looking back at my own feed and remembering key dates or events that I would otherwise have forgotten about.

However, if you are one of my lovely insta-friends, let me know what you would like to see more of or hear more about as I hope this will be of use to you as well as me! Do you want to see more restaurant/cafe reviews, my favourite places to shop, or the classic shot of coffee that keeps me going in these dark mornings?

I have a lot to learn, and who knows what next year will hold!

Rosie x

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