I grew up on the South Coast before going to University where I met my husband. For the past few years, we have been living in London which has been amazing! I am not naturally a city girl, but I grew to love it and now it is difficult thinking of living anywhere else. However, long days and expensive living does take its toll, so when my husband was offered an amazing opportunity in Cheltenham, it was hard to refuse.

The thought of the gorgeous countryside, wood burning stoves and slower pace of life is certainly enticing but London is not somewhere we want to cut ties with completely. We are fortunate to have got to know London quite well, which means that when we go up to visit for long weekends, we do not have to rely on friends to show us just the tourist attractions. There are still many places we would like to get to know better, and we will be heading back for our ‘fix’ soon enough!

In the meantime, although London and the Cotswolds are hugely different, they can both be used to highlight the best of one another – it is this which I am hoping to show you through my blog.

Let me know what you think!
Rosie x